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The Riverside Riders is a social group of riders in the Roswell area; this website is simply a mechanism to schedule rides.  If you choose to ride with the group you are responsible for you own safety and no one in this group holds any liability for your well being.  Riding bikes on the road is inherently dangerous and any riders wishing to participate should have experience riding in a group on the road and accept those risks.   Helmets are required for all rides and you must follow the rules of the road.  Some rides are scheduled by this group and others are organized by charities,  bike shops, etc.

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Group 1: 22+ MPH on Flats in a pace line,  An average speed of 17.5-19 MPH through Indian Hills type route with hills

Group 2: 20-22 MPH on Flats in a pace line,  An average speed of 16-17.5 MPH through Indian Hills type route with hills

Group 3: 18-20 MPH on Flats in a pace line,  An average speed of 14-16 MPH through Indian Hills type route with hills

Group 4 (SOCIAL): 16-18 MPH on Flats in a pace line, An average speed of 13-15 MPH through an Indian Hills type route with hills


On main roads without much elevation,  such as riverside, we usually ride single file in a peloton/group.  Below are some guidelines for riding single file in a peloton/group:

Pace- We have weekly Tues, Thur & Sat rides that have a broader range of ride levels and several re-groups.  However,  we will also have pop up rides. Please respect the level of the ride set by the organizer.  If you are an "A" rider in a "C" ride don't push up the pace of the ride.

Wheel—Absolutely do not overlap wheels with the rider directly in front of you unless the group is slowing down and you need to avoid stopping too abruptly and causing a crash

Saddle—Avoid standing up when not expected or needed,  your bike will move backwards and can cause the rider behind you to hit your tire. If you need to stand up announce and move to the outside if no traffic.

Movements—use hand signals if you are slowing, stopping,   drinking water (if you can’t pedal in stride and drink),  or need to move out to spit, etc.   Everything you do should be done gradually and steadily.  Give warnings when the peloton is slowing, stopping, or turning.

Gaps—Fill in gaps when you see one at a controlled pace,  do not sprint to fill it.

Obstacles—Point out anything like pot holes, etc.  If its too late power through it and announce.  Hand signals are seen better than voices are heard so they are preferred when possible.

Pulling —If you are up front pulling do not make any sudden stops or accelerations.  Make sure the group is together if starting from a stop and gradually ramp up to desired pace.  Do everything smooth,  a small change is amplified down the peloton. Finish your pull before you are too tired because you will expend energy falling back into the peloton.

When done pulling,  make sure no traffic is approaching then drift slightly left with no change in speed and give a flick of the elbow or a butt tap.  Elbows are sometimes preferred because you may naturally slow down with a butt tap and one hand off your bar. Fill in the next opening or the very back. 

If you are taking over a pace line maintain the same pace, do not accelerate.  Speeding up will make it hard for the person who just pulled to drop back in. 

Brakes—try to avoid hitting them, it’s the biggest cause of crashes in group rides. 

Safety—helmets are required & you must follow the rules of the road.

Positive Attitude—Riding is FUN! Stay positive, be courteous and respectful of your fellow riders, and strive to maintain good group harmony!

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